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Quality / certification

We put great emphasis on the quality of our products and permanent quality assurance. We use automated production monitoring as well as a comprehensive final inspection to ensure that all standards are met. All our machines are equipped with electronic length gauges, cameras or laser scanners.

In addition, numerous reputable customers such as Autoliv, Airbus and Honeywell have carried out audits.

Our quality system is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and EN 9100:2018 (requirements for aviation).

You can view the certificates in PDF form here:

We use the QS software developed by Brain-Tec.IT Solutions (www.brain-tec.com) for constant quality control throughout production and during the final inspection. It allows us to assess statistical data and to immediately access electronically archived inspection records. Torsion and tension springs are scanned or monitored using a camera. Leg and eyelet positions are scanned.

Fatigue tests can also of course be carried out for durability requirements. Relaxation requirements can likewise be tested.


Quality control in the laboratory